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The Bible is the Book of books, consisting of various books written by God's people inspired by God. To understand it better and apply it to our daily life, we need teachers anointed by Holy Spirit, the Master teacher. As the Lord spoke to ancient authors of the Bible, even today God reveals and enlightens His Word to His chosen servants.
Here are the books written by bro. A.Othniel, both doctrinal and practical for one and all. May God use these books to minister to many all over the world as per their need. To God be all the glory! Amen.

Newly released Book! 100 Youth Challenges: for a gift of Rs 100 only per copy. Order today! 100youthchallenges100youth challenges

100 youth challenges

Book Title/ No of pages/ Suggested gift/ A brief synopsis Book Title/ No of pages/ Suggested gift/A brief synopsis
1. The Art of Making Disciples/ Mentoring   2. Basic Foundational Truths
(162 pgs A4 size spiral bound) Rs 200/- $ 25/-
(also in Hindi -Rs 100/-, Marathi-Rs 100/- and Oriya-100/-) includes postage.
>> For pastors and leaders. Useful to mentor others, gives all the details needed on how to make disciples. Can be used as a course material for a 3-month study course for training in the church, Bible colleges, etc. (is already being used all over India and abroad)
( 64 pgs. book format) Rs 30/- $ 10/- ( also in Hindi and Marathi)
>> a simple, short and concise study of each basic truth like Sin, Salvation, Repentance, Discipleship, Worship, Witnessing, etc (21 topics).Useful to for self study and to establish new believers. Can be used in follow up work.
3. The Doctrine of the Church   4. Bible Doctrine
24 pgs. book format) Rs 15/- $ 5/- (+ in Hindi + Marathi)
:>> all about the birth, meaning, functions and growth of the church and many other truths.
16 pgs. book format) Rs 10/- $ 5/- (Also in Marathi)
>> a brief and concise study of biblical doctrines like Justification, Sanctification, Election and Trinity, Angels, Heaven, Hell and Second Coming of Christ, etc.
5. The Person and Gifts of the Holy Spirit   6. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
32 pgs. book format) Rs 20/- $ 5/- ( + in Marathi)
>> a brief study of the person, deity, and each gift of the Holy Spirit.
24 pgs book format) Rs 15/- $ 5/- (also Hindi & Marathi)
>> each fruit of the Hoy Spirit is explained from biblical and practical aspects. Very Practical book!-unique!
7. How to be A Winner in life   8. How to Maximize your Leadership Potential
38 pgs A4 size) Rs 30/- $ 10/-
>> a very practical book dealing with victory principles, useful for self-study and teaching in seminar/ workshop for young people and others.
62 pgs A4 size) Rs 30/- $ 10/-
>> leadership principles drawn from the lives of biblical leaders. A motivating and encouraging book.
9. How to be A successful Student   10. Achieving Success through Time Management
38 pgs A4 size spiral bound) Rs 50/- $ 10/-
>> practical, easy to understand lessons on how to study effectively, how to increase your memory, etc for students above 10th std (high school and college level).
52 pgs A4 Size spiral bound) 60/- $ 15/-
>> meant for executives, managers, etc on how to control time and use it effectively to do maximum work, etc.
11. To Encourage You   12. How to Discern Truth from Error
(32 pgs book format) Rs 15/- $ 5/- (also in Oriya)
>> short messages of comfort and encouragement on practical issues affecting our daily lives. A compilation of the weekly encouraging letters being sent by email/post.
20 pgs book format) Rs 10/- $ 5/-
>> on false teachers and their false teaching, how to discern the truth from error of our times- very useful today!.
13. The Secrets of God's Blessings   14. The Challenge & Call of Missions
28 pgs book format) Rs 15/- $ 5/-
>> newly released, about what and how to get and why we need God's blessings and what happens when God blesses you, etc.
(32 pgs bookformat) Rs 20/- $ 5/-
>> explaining the meaning of missions, the need for missions, the population, the source of missions, the call of missions to go, how families and youth can involve in missions
15. The Partnership in Missions   16. Pamphlets & Tracts- Free
(18pgs bookformat) Rs 10/- $ 5/-
>> what is partnership in missions, the power of, the benefits of, the practice of and the plan for partnership in missions. (available colorful slideshow presentation)
(upon ordering any of the above books) (+ in Marathi & Hindi)
>> on various general issues like traditions, fasting, music, titles, OT vs NT, and many other interesting articles.
15. Glory to Glory   15. Grace, SO Amazing!
>>based on 2 Corinthians 3:17-18. Growing into His Glory, to become Christ-like.   >> Life-Story of A.Othniel, a living sacrifice to God- being updated.
20. 100 Youth Challenges    
>> dealing with practical challenges modern young people face with biblical and relevant answers. 160 pages. Gift Rs 100 per copy only. postage included. $10/-    
Other books to be published:    

1. 100 Messages from Matthew
2. In His Steps
3. To Inspire You
4. Encounters with Jesus in Luke
5. Green Pastures-Deeper truths
6. Fresh Manna from Psalms
7. Effective Leadership
8. Biblical Leadership
9. Rebuild & Restore: Nehemiah
10. Be Joyful Always
11. The Overcoming Life
12. The Overflowing Life
13. Grace to Glory
14. Faith to Love
15. Meditations on Psalms (200)
16. Cultivate Biblical Convictions


How to order >>

For Indian readers, the ordered books will be sent by post/courier. For overseas readers, by airmail.
>> Indian readers can send the gift for the books (to cover postage, etc) by Paytm or net tranfer bank to bank. Bank account info will be given personally upon request..
>> Overseas friends can send the gifts through net transfer (online). bank info will be given later upon request..
>> The given prices are only suggested gifts. You are welcome to donate more towards the printing, postage, etc and for the ministry. All the above books are written by A. Othniel and are copyrighted.

Send al your orders today! Why not gift books to your friends, etc? YOu can use SMS, WHatsApp or email to place orders.

A. Othniel,
Calvary Books
Cell/WhatsApp: +91 98920 93534. Cell: +91 70219 63822. Email: Paytm no: +91 98920 93534

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