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Our Vision

To preach the gospel by all means, to win the unreached (heathen), and to teach them and build them up to become spiritually mature and reproducing disciples who will repeat the same process.
Matt.28:18-20, Rom. 14:20, Col. 1:28-29, 2 Timothy 2:2.

Our Goals

To Connect with people, especially, unreached and unengaged people groups.
To Care for those who believe in the Lord Jesus so that they grow and mature in the faith and be useful.
To Concentrate on each peron God loves each one and each one is important to God and to us. Focusing on building each believer.

Our Church

We are simple followers of Christ as per the New Testament teaching and practice. We emphasize on practicing love and care for one another. We gather for true worship and real fellowship with God and one another. Our activities include:

  • Evangelism in various ways
  • Disciplemaking through House group meetings
  • Children's ministry to reach out to the public
  • Women's ministry
  • Training conferences on disciplemaking
  • Youth Leadership conferences, etc.
  • Social Welfare activities like helping the poor practically, etc

Our History

This disciplemaking ministry was started by Bro. A. Othniel in 1985 (known in those days as 'Polished Shafts Ministries' based on Isaiah 49:2) in Bombay, India. He was called by God for the full-time ministry while working in a Company near Bombay during 1982-84. By faith in the Lord and dependance upon Him for daily provision, he started preaching the gospel from house to house, on the streets, in the trains, buses, parks and slums in Bombay. The Lord began to use him to teach the Word in house-group meetings, seminars and in various churches in the city.

In those days, the ministry was mostly independant & inter-denominational, ministering in the local churches and conducting training programs, in addition to preaching the gospel at public places. (Read his detailed story at

Later on, the Lord impressed upon bro. A. Othniel, the Scriptural pattern of the ministry, to plant the Church based on the New Testament principles/doctrines. Then onwards, since 1993, Church-planting started in a serious way at Thane. After visiting house-to-house, preaching the gospel, some souls were converted and then a small gathering of new believers started in Dongripada, a village on the highway, Ghodbunder Road (about 8Kms from Thane city). The ministry has been going on as the Lord is leading new souls to be discipled in this part of one of the most unreached and resistant states (Maharastra) of India. The latest news of the ministry are sent by email or post to those who are interested to pray/ participate. Ask if you are interested.

The emphasis in the ministry is on the "spirituality', 'maturity' and 'quality' and 'each one' to be built up in Christ as per 1Corinthians 3; Colossians 1:28-29, etc.

The Calvary Centre was incorporated (regd.) as a Public Charitable Trust in Thane (Bombay) in 1996 and bro. Othniel is the Trustee/President with a Board of Seven Trustees and has the State Govt.'s license (Registrar) for conducting Christian marriages. >> See details of the Calvary Centre Trust

The ministries depend upon the free-will offerings of God's people who share in the vision. The Calvary Centre is NOT affiliated to any local or foreign organization.

Why not pray and participate in taking the Good News to the unreached millions in India and share in the Eternal blessings? Invest for Eternity! You are welcome to share in our vision. Please feel free to ask for any details on how you can involve in this faith ministry. God bless you as you seek to serve and glorify Him. Amen!

Our Doctrinal Statement

You can read about what we believe and teach by visiting this link:

Vision statement:

" For we proclaim Him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ."
Colossians 1:28-29.

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