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>> Green Pastures, a life enriching magazine sent free if you desire it. Order now!

>> Audio and Video
CDs and DVDs of messages
and songs are available
for a small gift. See list here
Please send your order.

Here are the media resources to minister the Word using modern media.

p>> The audio sermons in English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu languages to listen and books in pdf format for free download, and other things useful for biblestudy. You can check various links on the left side column. CDs & DVDs are available. Pl send your order.

p>> The books (written by A.Othniel) are on various practical and doctrinal issues. In Short and easy to understand lessons you can learn and teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2.

p>> The Blogs contain latest messages of encouragement and also Biblestudy lessons by bro. A.Othniel.

p>> The Photoalbums show the photos of various programs, tours and conferences,
~ Agra Youth Fest, May 7-9,'09, Gospel Rallies in Thane, India.
~ African Tour Photos- Sept 1 -Oct 12, '09.

pThe videos are at &
>> Baptismal reservoir inauguration on Dec 31,2007 at Thane, India.
>> Agra Youth Fest: comments Video Part 1 | Video Part 2 | Video Part 3
>> Cultural Nite video- click on 'video on demand' and choose this video.
>> Message of Love at Taj (English) 1 | 2 (Hindi) by A.Othniel

p>> The streaming TV is Calvary TV, available 24/7. Enjoy watching Bro. A.Othniel preach on Sundays in the church and at other meetings, in English, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada. These are available in CD/DVDs. Let us know if you want these.

May God use these media resources to encourage, edify and equip you to glorify God. Amen. You may want to share these with others to build their lives.

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