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Ministry Resources > For your wholistic development !

Here are the resources to help you grow wholistically and be useful to God and man.

>> Biblical & Spiritual: teaching various truths from the Bible. Sound teaching leads to transformation of lives and makes a difference in the world around you! Starting with basic foundational truths, you can learn deeper truths under Green Pastures and Outline messages which can help you prepare sermons easily and quickly to teach others. The studies on the Holy Spirit's Gifts, Fruits are interesting in this day of confusion and the lessons meant for youth, families, women and leaders are relevant and needed today..

>> Practical & Useful: Unless we can apply something to our daily practical lives, it is of no much use. Here are some issues tht are affecting our daily life and useful links for one and all, etc.

>> Guidance & Offers: Many are seeking for guidance and counselling. Here are some useful guidelines for students to study effectively, webdesign package, directory of non-profit oganizations in India, and some free offers for download etc.

>> Encouraging & Challenging: Everybody needs encouragement today. Here are many encouraging and comforting messages as well as some challenging real life stories of men who motivate us to dream big and achieve great things. You can also join the mailinglist to recieve a free weekly encouraging letter to encourage you as well enable you to be an encourager to others too.

>> Plans & Programs: Vision needs goals to accomplish. And goals can be reached by planning each step one needs to take. Here are exciting plans to reach the goals and fulfill the vision. You are welcome to pray, sponsor and join us to share in the blessings.

>> Disciplemakers Network: The Great commission is to go and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:18-20. Here's a network of those involved in obeying this command and are making disciples all over the world. If you are the one, you are welcome to join.

>> Helpline: Everybody has some need, problem, crisis or question to ask or share. here's help for one and all. Free! Get it now!

Hope God uses these ministry resources to encourage, edify and equip you to glorify God. Amen. You may want to share these with others too.

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